Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buzz, Chatroulette, Buzz Buzz

The buzz vibrating this internet cycle of life is unquestionably Chat Roulette. Things go from zero-to-meme status so quickly now. Just look at Epic Beard Man. That only took about twenty-four hours to become an epic meme. The collective productivity of the internet in these types of endeavors is an astonishing achievement in time-wasting, but it is so damn entertaining. Here is how it happened for me with Chat Roulette. First, I start seeing the words "Chat Roulette" pop up in my twitter feed. I briefly think, "What in the hell is that?" Second, I somehow stumbled upon this link from TheLogic of TheGallyBlog and gained further understanding of what Le Roulette is. Third, I think about getting in on this internet phenomenon, but decide that would be gay since I have been forewarned guys are masturbating for others to see at an alarming rate. Also, I am too lazy to hook up my old webcam. Fourth, CNN and Jon Stewart get in on the act with eye-blinking results. Fifth, widespread knowledge. Sixth, a burst of second-wind internet creativity, evidenced by this video.

Go to http://www.youtube.com/pianochatimprov for more videos exactly like that.

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