Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John Feinstein is a Blowhard: Fact

Come read me burning a sportswriter. If there is one thing you can count on blowhards to do it is blow, hard. Sportswriters are often guilty of this, and John Feinstein is only the latest example of a sportswriter being caught in a bloviation. There is a bit of back story to get through before I can nail the gotcha bloggerism I have in store for Mr. Feinstein.
I enjoy sports talk radio. I used to even enjoy regular talk radio when I was a teenager. That was before I completely gave up on politics at 17. I am so jaded. As far as sports talk I have had passing phases between Colin Cowherd, Jim Rome, and more recently Dan Patrick. Patrick has a catch phrase, "passion bucket," that is a little cheesy and hokey, but also genuine and endearing. The phrase is used to mean how passionate someone is about life or a sporting event. It is a nice metaphor. Here it is used in a sentence: "Sean Payton's passion bucket was overflowing after the Saints' win in the Super Bowl because he knew how much the win meant to the city of New Orleans." Dan has been using this phrase for a while, I think even back to his old ESPN days, but now what he does with it is when he interviews a guest with which he has a good rapport he will goad them into using the phrase during an interview or on a broadcast. It's all in good fun.
Fast forward to Dan interviewing Cornell men's basketball coach, Steve Donahue, before their recent NCAA tournament game with Kentucky. Dan asked coach Donahue to work the phrase in which the coach delegated to one of his players, Ryan Wittman. When Wittman said "passion bucket" during a press conference he and his fellow teammates could barely contain their laughter because they were in on the joke, but serious sportswriter John Feinstein found nothing funny about their antics because he is a serious sportswriter who takes himself too seriously. Feinstein went on Tony Kornheiser's radio program and called the Cornell players racist for playing basketball or the NCAA racist for letting Cornell play in the tournament or you racist he knows how you lock your car doors when you see someone of a different ethnicity next to your car on a sidewalk. He was calling someone racist. That is all I know for sure. How he made that leap can not be fully explained, but one possible factor is Johnny had already made up his mind that Cornell is a school of racists and was looking for anything to back up his point. Passion bucket was just the sort of racial slur to set his sportswriter story sense tingling. Witness Feinstein's "column." What a tool. In Feinstein's interview on Kornheiser's show he bluntly called the Cornell player, Wittman, racist, but he veils that statement with his mind-numbingly boring column in the Washington Post. Here is Wimman's rebuttal/explanation of someone who has never met him calling him a racist from the Dan Patrick Show since Feinstein can not be bothered with doing research or follow-up since he is busying himself with writing for a dying medium and other up and coming bloviations of obliviousness he has burning on his mental hot plate.
/dismounts soap box
//wonders if anyone still uses the term soap box
///Feinstein, ya burnt, go write a column for some city's Times-Picayun or Press-Register
I did not use a picture of Feinstein because sportswriters' faces should really remain a mystery.

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