Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Day

I think I am going to start doing a daily wrap-up instead of sitting on and hoarding all my favorite links and videos from the week and vomiting them out on Fridays.
So, here we go. Quick take. After seeing Ryan Miller, goalkeeper of the gold medal-winning Canadian hockey team, interviewed on Jim Rome is Burning today I am going to go out on a limb and say he does not have a future in broadcasting. Painful interview, man. But great win.

Andy Richter guest co-hosted Live with Regis & Kelly this morning. Thank God for the internet because I would not have known otherwise. Surprisingly, he was candid about his feelings for NBC. Here is the video in which Andy vocalizes the obvious failure of NBC to give the Tonight Show a good lead-in. The video is eight minutes, but worth it for Conan and Andy fans.

Sons of Anarchy news: Kenneth Johnson (formerly Lem on one of my favorite shows ever, The Shield) will bring back the role he had on SOA in the season finale for six episodes in season three. Nice. [Chicago Tribune]

A handy tool for obsessed NFL fans such as myself. A compendium of NFL player salaries. I have been browsing this for the majority of the day. Look up your favorite team courtesy of USA Today. [USA Today]

I like some of Dan Le Batard's articles, and I find it interesting in this piece, "Anything Goes in 'Gossip' World of Journalism," that he does not do what many newspaper writers do and try to finger blogs as the culprits. I respect him for that. He makes the point that newspapers are forced into the 'space race' of gossip journalism to try to hold on readers who can go a multitude of places to get their news however racy they might fancy. [Miami Herald]

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