Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Sheets to Air on the Travel Channel

Zane Lamprey, likable professional drinker/ television host/ comedian/ person whose job I envy has a general buzz about him these days. The host of the television show Three Sheets announced via Youtube that Three Sheets will be airing on the Travel Channel April 14th at 11:00pm and 11:30pm EST for a period of one month. For those of you not familiar with the show you can check out full episodes on Hulu to get you warmed up for the premiere (my personal favorites are the the South Korea-Soju! and Kentucky episodes.) The show is currently airing on the Fine Living Network and although Zane does not say so explicitly, the one month airing on the Travel Channel seems to be a trial basis to see if ratings are good enough to justify a full-time move to the network. If that happens I will need to update my DVR accordingly. To get to know the host, Zane Lamprey, a little better check out this profile from Vanity Fair. He also has a comedy tour coming up soon. As if that wasn't news enough, Zane was out doing promo videos for the move to the Travel Channel over the weekend when he fell off of a bar and broke his collarbone. You may ask, is there video of this incident? Why yes, yes there is. To the Youtubes! (after the jump)

According to Zane's twitter account that was a real fall where he really had to go to the hospital contrary to what some commenters on the video would have you believe. It sucks he got hurt, but it was so money when he said he needed a shot of tequila. Feel better, Zane, there is drinking I need to watch you do as I follow along at home. Three Sheets will begin airing on the Travel Channel April 14th at 11:00pm and 11:30pm EST.

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