Monday, March 15, 2010

Squidbillies Update

Squidbillies is an animated show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block of programming that I enjoy. The show features a family of squids who serve as a vehicle for both redneck and ethnic stereotypes with amusement for everyone. The main character, Early Cuyler, is voiced by alt-country/rock musician and singer Unknown Hinson. That was not a very good description of Unknown Hinson, maybe throw rockabilly in there too. The guy is a solid guitar player as well. And he has good songs.
The new season of Squidbillies, season five, will feature at least one celebrity, Chad Ocho Cinco, everyone's favorite media-whoring, ESPN-bashing, NFL wide receiver. Word of his guest voice appearance came via the Squidbillies official twitter feed and OchoCinco's twitter feed, but I am not searching through that never-ending mess to find the tweet where he mentioned it:
"@SquidbilliesHQ: #ochocinco finally visits Dougal County"
That picture of the character Chad will voice looks like he is committing some serious offensive pass interference. Jam band Widespread Panic will also do voice work for the show's new season. I had to look up that Widespread Panic is a jam band because I am not a freaking hippie. The new season of Squidbillies will begin airing May 17th, Sunday night on Cartoon Network at midnight. Complex Magazine had a good feature on the genesis and early years of Adult Swim in a recent issue. Hey, I found a link online of the same feature. So why did I need to buy the freaking magazine? Good luck surviving, magazines.

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