Friday, March 19, 2010

No One Covers Sexting Like Deadspin

One of the porn stars, Joslyn James, with which Tiger Woods was having carnal relations has released a series of text messages she allegedly received from Tiger during their sordid love affair. Was there more than one porn star he was banging? It is hard to keep up. The full release is here courtesy of Deadspin. Tiger does not disappoint as far as the dirty talk. The problem is she only released his side of the text conversation, we do not know what she sexily texted back to Tiger. Does she think the mystery of not knowing is sexy? She can not be that diluted. She is a porn star for crying out loud.
Then Deadspin took it to the next level and put together a timeline of the sexts tiger sent his mistress inlaid with his performances in the golf tournaments in which he was playing. Big ups to Deadspin for that. It is what we were all wondering about, right?
Then, just when I think this round of Tiger Woods coverage is over, here comes WithLeather with a strong showing of pictures of kittens with some of Tiger's text messages written in pink on top of them.
All around good showing- beers for everyone involved. Carry on, internet.

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