Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Passed. Are We Over or Under Reacting?

I've been trying not to take myself too seriously lately, at least with this blog. No one wants to read some self-important a-hole ranting about politics. That is not fun for anyone, really, and I realize that. The health care reform bill passing last night was an news item of note, however, and it needs commenting on. A few brief precursors:
I am neither a republican or democrat.  I do not claim either crappy party. Politicians are all full of crap, and if you believe any elected official has altruistic intentions then you are living in a fools paradise (not to be confused with a gangster's paradise, Michelle Pfeiffer!)
I think everyone in this country recognizes that health care in this country is messed up. It is too expensive and not everyone has reasonable access to care. But ask yourself, honestly ask yourself, why is this bill or any bill  so long? (over a 1,000 pages, but I could not find a hard number for the version that passed, some sources said over 2,000 pages) Why did the reform need to start off so big? Are there not any simple steps to take to get the ball rolling? Remember that whole thing about how some lawmakers did not get to read the bill? I wonder if they ever got around to it. Simplify stuff so I don't think you're trying to hide something deep in the pork fat folds. I wish I had the time and the drive to read the whole bill. Maybe I will one day.
I listened to CSPAN where people were calling in with opinions on the bill passing. A caller said, "Something is better than nothing." That is solid logic.The threat of this bill of unknown contents is better than leaving the current system intact? I can not be certain of that. And that is where I am at with the bill. We will not really know the long reaching effects of this reform since some of it will take until 2016 to be enacted.
Someone said something poignant on twitter last night that I thought was a great point. Tweeter @DukeBrady said "Repub's think #HCR costs too much. So does war but they never oppose that."
The bottom line is the positive and/or negative effects of this health care reform bill will take time to be seen. Politicians will be politicians and ignore it if it becomes a problem, but hey, maybe it will all work out.*crosses fingers*
This has been too serious to be internet cool so let me end with this. President Obama said last night everyone's voice has been heard. In all fairness, I do not think my voice has been heard. 
"(To no one in particular) Show me your titties!" Now my voice has been heard.
For a real take on the possible long-term effects of the health care reform bill that just passed and where the Obama presidency will go from here read this article by Ben Domenech from New Ledger.

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