Thursday, March 4, 2010

Site News: Internet Ultimatum

Ok internet, I knew you were a cruel mistress, but I thought you were one I could tame. After writing this blog for about eight months I thought I would be doing a little bit better than this. I mean, do not get me wrong, people are visiting the site. I look at the traffic numbers. Not many people are commenting, though. So I am trying to face reality. Either the writing/content is not good, the blog is too fragmented/ not focused on one topic, or I just need to give it more time. These are the three options to which my hurried internet research into what makes a blog successful has led me. What really spurned this was after I wrote a post about guns yesterday about eight people unfollowed me on twitter. What, do you people not like personal frredoms? And hovering in the 60's makes eight followers a big loss. So I am going to put it to the few readers I have (somewhere in the 40-70 range as best I can estimate,) what should I do? Should I quit toiling on this blog? Should I focus on one topic? Is my writing/ take better on one particular topic that you have noticed? I'm putting a poll at the top right of the page or you can leave feedback in the comments (no Chinese characters, spambots!) I would also ask for a modicum of support in the form of the occasional comment, tweet, retweet, or sharing a link with a friend if you think the post is worth it. I realize this makes me fairly vulnerable, but what do I care? No one ever comments anyway. Boom, roasted myself. The poll will be up for about 2 weeks.

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