Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tosh.0 and Websoup Are Strangely Similar to Another Show with Which You May Be Familiar

Tosh.0 and Websoup are basically America's Funniest Home Videos. "America, America, this is you. Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh." Do not get it twisted. I am not hating on Tosh.O or Websoup. Both of those shows are funny. I do give the edge to Tosh.0, but both programs are new media versions of the nutshot-fest we know as America's Funniest Home Videos hosted by Bob Saget and some other guy later, I think. Daniel Tosh and Chris Hardwick do not do funny voice-overs on the videos they show that I have heard, though.
These shows do what never entered any of our minds, people. They have vindicated Bob Saget. If you really get to the heart of it, Youtube validates Saget and the producers of the show who looked around at each other and said, "Damnit, people want to see nutshots overlayed with funny voices."If you know anything about Bob Saget, you know he was squeaky clean television dad Danny Tanner on the popular television show Full House (the one with the nowhere near legal Olsen twins.) If you are a person well-versed in Saget-ese you may know before and after his stint on Full House he was a raunchy stand-up comedian. You may even have slowly gained some respect for him after his numerous appearances on Conan O'Brien's two late night shows like I did. People say 90% or some other percent of success is showing up. Bob proves that adage. He did not go away quietly. He kept showing up. He is on twitter now(@bobsaget,) he had a roast done on him/ to him (what is the proper verbiage here, people?) on Comedy Central, and he is filming a show for A&E where he follows around fringe members of society such as biker gangs for a look inside deviant cultures. Kudos to Bob freaking Saget. So I guess this ended up being not as much of a "I like Tosh.0" post as a "Bob Saget is ok" post. I never know where my typing will take me... The places it will go. I actually meant to post this yesterday since Tosh.0 aired last night, but my internet goes out whenever it gets cloudy. Freaking satellite internet. Tosh.0 airs on Wednesday nights on Comedy Central. Websoup airs Wednesday nights on G4.

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