Friday, March 5, 2010

The Nonpopulist's Browsings of the Week

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Alison Brie, from Community and Mad Men, looking hot as usual.


It is rare to see someone be so close and "get it" less than this guy. My advice to you is stick watching movies and television. You may get hurt trying to read books. [The AV Club]

A story about Roger Ebert by Will Leitch, editor emeritus of Deadspin. I thought this story was so good I emalied Will to tell him. He was nice enough to email back.How about that? [Deadspin]

The Oath-Keepers, a new kind of militia group. I'm not sure how I feel about this. [Mother Jones]

I think the title of this article goes without saying. A call to action, though! []

The government may just take your money if they darn well feel like it. [Pajamas Media]

New rules of war. New war will be a "net war." []

I started reading this book by Max Brooks, World War Z, on my blackberry (when I am taking a dump mostly if you must know.) It is the first zombie fiction I have ever read. I like it.

I do not understand why so many people hate Ayn Rand. Here is a another Ayn Rand hit piece. [Alternet]

Categories for the Meta Awards by Curtis Retherford [McSweeney's Internet Tendency]

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