Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday of the Patriarch, Jack Kerouac

I am obviously a fan of Jack Kerouac. His picture is my online avatar for everything to do with The Nonpopulist, and if I may be serious for one moment he is someone I truly admire. He was creative and different and that is why his legacy endures. Many people have read On the Road and yet I find frat boy road trip movies and other stupidity associated with the man and his most well remembered book. Watch this video in order to get a better appreciation for Kerouac and his art. And then try reading a book, you technocratic barnacle on the underbelly of pop culture.

Jack Kerouac would have been eighty-eight years old today. A few years ago in Orlando I had the privilege of seeing the original teletype scroll on which he typed On the Road, and it was a nearly spiritual experience for me. That is all. See you on the interwebs next week when I will have an expose on a twitter phenomenon.

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